Healthcare & Package Delivery Operations

Unmanned logistics:
Enterprise scale, economically viable.

A need for speed

A need for speed

From food, to retail/e-commerce, postal and medical aid, the demand for lower delivery lead times, greater flexibility, and faster deliveries are driving today’s logistics operations. Drone package delivery, while transforming how goods move from here to there, is constrained by a lack of infrastructure and regulatory hurdles. Unmanned logistics must accommodate multiple advanced UAS operations, operate safely and securely, and demonstrate scalability to achieve economic viability.  

Safe, scalable, repeatable operations in one platform

Safe, scalable, repeatable operations in one platform

With AiRXOS’ Air Mobility™ Platform, you can plan, schedule, and monitor all facets of your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations from a single platform, and have all the tools you need to fly quickly, with complete confidence in the safety of your operations. The Air Mobility Platform is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud to support compliance to stringent federal requirements.

In one comprehensive solution, AiRXOS provides the airspace management, services and analytics you need, including full visibility to the airspace operations planning and management, infrastructure inspection and insights, and coordination of emergency response operations.

Key features of the Air Mobility Platform and additional services include:

  • Solution design and ConOps definition services
  • Airspace authorizations: Waivers, COAs, LAANC, SGIs
  • Airspace operation advisory creation and notification
  • UAS operations planning &  management 
  • Coordination of UAS operations across multiple teams
  • Operations reporting and compliance
  • Command Center with full Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Crew and Asset management
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Better access to healthcare

Better access to healthcare

Ease of access to medical aid – from tissue, to devices and supplies, is driving the need for drone delivery. AiRXOS’ Air Mobility Platform has already supported the United States’ first human organ for transplant delivered by a drone. The Air Mobility Platform supports: 

  • Pharmacy to consumer delivery
  • Distribution Center to client locations
  • Rural and suburban deliveries via vehicle deployment
  • Hospital-to-hospital delivery
  • Medical campus delivery 
  • Inter-island medical supply

Fly safely and in compliance

Waivers & Exemptions

AiRXOS automates and digitizes Waivers, Exemptions, and Certificates of Authorizations (COAs), all but eliminating the requirement of submitting manual entries, or completing submissions in multiple formats. AiRXOS enhances your safety and compliance planning with system development –and supporting processes, training, and procedures to enable advanced UAS flights. From obtaining the FAA authorizations, to ConOps definition, location assessment to classify and assess air and ground risk, and allocation of safety plan and requirements to the major systems, AiRXOS provides efficient safety and compliance in one solution.

Mission ready

Best in class ‘Drone-as-a-Service’ provider

Our robust Partner Ecosystem provides you a ‘mission ready drone toolkit’ for your inspection, detection, delivery, and monitoring needs. This means you get advanced drones and sensors, and professionally qualified pilots, in one turn-key service designed to carry out all your inspections.

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Actionable intelligence

Analytics and Insights

Our Analytics and Insights partners help you optimize operations and budget using advanced analytics on the data collected via UAS operations. These analytics provide you actionable insights to better manage your assets. Integrate inspection insights with Asset Performance Management systems of choice to get a comprehensive picture of how your assets are performing at any time.

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