Public Safety Operations

A faster way to be safe.
Compliance when you need it.

Ensuring safety. Getting airborne faster.

Ensuring safety. Getting airborne faster.

Across the US, Public Safety agencies are relied upon to keep communities safe and ensure that they can respond quickly and efficiently when called upon. To meet the need, agencies are adopting drone programs as a force multiplier, using drones as a strategy and a technology for efficiency and safety.

But agencies have little time to spend on additional processes and navigating regulations, while having lack of visibility to the airspace – they need a comprehensive solution with built-in efficiencies and tools so they can operate safely, quickly, and in compliance.

Operational oversight
in one platform

Operational oversight
in one platform

AiRXOS’ Public Safety solution is your single source for all the integrated, connected tools you need for near real-time Situational Awareness (SA), faster, precise location-based advisories, and flight authorization to help you get you flying quickly, and in compliance, with FAA regulations. The Air Mobility Platform is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud to support compliance to stringent federal requirements.

Fully operational in a mobile platform, the Public Safety solution is designed with maximum efficiency and safety built-in, eliminating the need for multiple applications, labor intensive flight authorizations, and limited operational visibility. This all-inclusive solution will get you flying quickly, safely, and in compliance.

Other features in the Public Safety solution include:

  • Automated airspace alerts and advisories
  • Automated regulatory and policy compliance
  • Video streaming capability
  • Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) service
  • Agency wide operational SA
  • Authenticated end-users
  • Digitized public engagement
  • Remote identification (Remote ID)*

*Pending final FAA approval

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Waivers, Exemptions, COAs, SGIs

AiRXOS enhances your operations efficiency with the development of solutions, supporting processes, training, and procedures, to enable advanced UAS flights and help you obtain the necessary FAA Waivers, Exemptions, Certificates of Authorizations (COAs), and Special Government Interests (SGIs) to perform your public safety operations faster, where and when you need them. From ConOps definition, location assessment to classify and assess air and ground risk, to allocation of safety plan and requirements to the major systems, AiRXOS provides efficient safety and compliance in one solution.

UAS program design

UAS program design

AiRXOS understands that agencies may be at different stages of operations – from setting up a UAS program to enhancing existing programs or looking for operational approvals such as waivers and exemptions. We are fully prepared to assist agencies with their program needs no matter where they are in their program development. Our planning and operation program design support includes:

  • ConOps Development
  • Identification of Aircraft and Sensor Kits
  • Identification of, and help with applications for any Authorizations/Waivers needed for the operation
  • Mission and Flight Planning
  • Data Reporting and Analysis

Automated Advisories

Public Safety agencies must be able to notify other first responders and the public of potential public safety activities. AiRXOS’ Public Safety solution gives you that capability in the palm of your hand to quickly authenticate users, create and distribute advisories, push advisory alerts out to the media, public and commercial operators, and let you see live video streaming – all in one unique mobile application. It’s a turn-key solution to flying quickly and safely.

Command Center

Whether it’s a traffic incident or an emergency response where manned and unmanned vehicles and multiple agencies or pilots are responding to the same event, you need maximum Situational Awareness (SA) – a single view of airspace, agency coordination, and organized communication at the local or statewide level.  

With AiRXOS’ Public Safety solution you get a 360-degree view of operations, agency coordination, SA of drone operations, live video streaming, data and operational insights, regulatory and organizational compliance, tracking and reporting and optional media and public advisory alerts.