Webinar: Real World BVLOS & Situational Awareness for Industrial UAV Operations

By Mark Lanphear, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development; Jim Rector, Sr. Director, Flight Operations • September 2, 2020

For Energy organizations, operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) is critical to producing safe, scalable, repeatable, and economical operations. But with airborne Detect and Avoid (DAA) not yet mature, how can you best get true BVLOS? 


In this unique conversational webinar, Mark Lanphear and Jim Rector of AiRXOS, a GE company – veterans in the communications, aviation, and defense industries – discuss Situational Awareness (SA) and how to develop a full Command Center view of operations that allows for BVLOS, along with the critical components of DAA and using BVLOS for cargo delivery.

Mark and Jim dive into the key topics you’ve been wanting to know around BVLOS and Situational Awareness, including:

  • How to get waivers for BVLOS Ops?
  • What technology is needed and available on the UAV, as well as throughout a project, to conduct BVLOS Ops?
  • Which UAV platforms have the performance to conduct BVLOS?
  • Regulatory, compliance, and building safety cases and Ops planning.
  • Current DAA software and hardware landscape.
  • How to extend BVLOS for logistics applications like Industrial Drone Delivery?

… and more!